Well, it’s primary day in Texas. The bitter cold of yesterday’s storm front has been replaced with the bitter cold of political rivalry. My friends from college are shouting at everyone who will listen via Internet. “GO VOTE!” and then the campaign slogan of their choice as if an all-caps appeal will sway any last minute holdouts.

I was in college in 2004. Yes, college students are likely to get caught up in the parade of famous faces and ad hominem politics as much as the average joe. There constantly people waving signs in their faces and cramming doom and gloom down their throats while they are trying to walk to class and regurgitate some facts they just crammed in before they purge themselves on their own. A college student is supposed to make a 4-year career of research and thought, but they seem to put little thought into such a monumentally important decision. I heard all this before, and I know it’s easy to blame “the kids” for ruining the political system, but I think that pundits and middle-aged intellectuals need to lay off the stereotyping.

In fact, everyone needs to lay off. I’m tired of others admonishing those who don’t agree with them about who wears a lapel pin. I know American politics won’t stop being a cult of personality anytime soon, but assuming any voter who disagrees with you is doing so because they like the tone of someone’s voice rather than their views on healthcare is wrong.

I voted last Wednesday after spending many nights studying the positions of the four candidates I could choose. I even looked up (be it far less) information on candidates for local posts. I feel I made informed decisions based on my stances and their stances on key issues. Before I criticize someone who voted for another candidate, I’m going to consider the fact that they probably did this too. We simply disagree. Is that a travesty?

You can hate a candidate for their supporters all you want, but until you look into their politics, I have no respect for you.


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