I really enjoy learning. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is true.

I came from a family of bona fide nerds. My parents were always open to discussion with us and let us learn about anything. They introduced subjects that many conservative people might find taboo to us and let us discover things.

There is a dusty VHS tape in my parents TV cabinet that demonstrates this. It’s a Houston local newscast from the mid-eighties with a fluff piece about children enjoying a physics demonstration at a museum. The newscaster interviewed one of my brothers. I think he had on a sweater with a knit rocket ship design. (Those sweaters better be easily attainable when I have kids or so help me I’m going to have to learn how to knit.) The question is, “What do you like about the exhibit?” or something like that. The answer would ring out across my house for years to come solidify my siblings and I’s standing in the world. One word rang out with the clarity only found in a child’s voice: “LEARNING!”

So many people devote their lives to keeping from learning about the world. They stop their children from knowing that life is sometimes unpleasant. It saddens me greatly when an adult has stopped seeking new experiences in life. It is doubly disheartening when they have children. How does one ever stand in awe with the world if they never see anything new?

Like my last job, I am pleased with my new job because I get to learn about things I never even knew existed. Yesterday, I learned how file for a W-2 if an employer is trying to screw me over and put a Dutch bet down on a horse race. There’s something so human about gathering and processing information. Once I understand something I feel like I’ve discovered fire. I’ll try not to get smug about it.

The world is so incredible. I really believe that. I know it would be a more credible statement if it weren’t Friday, but it’s true.


One response to “Open-minded

  1. I agree. Learning is fun and is also essential for one’s future. Like you, I love to learn new things. From time to time, I would get into troubles for my curiosity. But I’m still learning.

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