The other day I got a little frightened by the interaction between my husband and I. After we had dinner, we both sat on the couch and stared at one another.

What are you going to do right now?
I said.

Go work on some stuff. He said.

Cool, I could work on some stuff. I said.

We both wandered off to our separate tasks. The funny thing is that neither of us was working on things for our jobs. I was doing some personal writing and he was trying to do some 3d rendering for his portfolio. I wonder when I became a person who would opt to do some personal enrichment rather than play her new video game? I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

My husband has always been that way. He gives himself projects for fun. He even bought a piece of equipment to program as a gift for himself. He has this crazy obsessive personality. Once he latches onto a problem or goal, he does not stop until he has finished. This might not be the best quality to look for in a husband, but I am very proud of his work ethic. I wish I had it.

I always wished when I was a kid that I had the drive to really do something wonderful. Everything came so easy to me, but I always wished I had been forced to achieve more. I think that if I were as obsessive as my husband, I would have written four or five novels by now.

I guess we all have our gifts. I just wish I could figure mine out.


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