I had quite a weekend. I will post about my expensive Saturday excursion tomorrow. Anyway, I did do some actual work. I worked on my family website. It’s going to be a basic portal to our portfolio. We are looking to make a game this summer and post it up there too.

The whole rigmarole of website building and designing (along with my weekend) really makes me appreciate those who devote their lives to graphic design and implementing websites. I can slap up a fairly simple and visually pleasing page with some basic css. I cannot imagine trying to optimize something for mass public consumption. It is a skill that I admire more and more.

I took the color scheme from my shower curtain. It turned out better than I though it would. Now I’m at a loss on how to provide samples. I don’t want to post things I’ve sold. I think I may spend this week writing some original stuff to diversify my collection. Work is going slow right now. After last week I don’t mind so much, but I still find myself obsessing over job hunting. I know I just need to be patient and build up a good client base. It’s hard to do when you’re new to the game. Everyone wants clips.

The good news is that I have some time to work on some fiction. I have the perfect opening line for a story. Now I just have to figure out what it will be about. I usually go about these things bass ackwardly.

Huzzah! Onward and upward!


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