Megaman and Yoshi Tattoo

Here are the fruits of our weekend. My husband, a friend, and I decided to go get some tattoos together. We went to two locations of our chosen shop, committed close to seven hours, and dropped a couple hundred dollars. It was all totally worth it.

I know a lot of people that really don’t understand it when we do this sort of thing. If someone has a problem with tattoos in themselves, I can’t really ever explain it to them. I think it’s either something you get or you don’t. The funny thing is a I hear seemingly contradictory complaints from people on the subject. Some people say they would never ruin their body this way. As a woman, there are times that I am unhappy with my body. I think this is is going to make me smile at myself instead of examining my back fat. Some say they think tattoos are vain. It is slightly narcissistic (Ah ha! Blog title!) to decorate yourself, but I have no aversions about who I am. I’m a nerdy chick. I like that. I think my new tattoo says more about my personality than my body.

My favorite objection is the “when you’re 70” line. Yes, I know tattoos fade and distort. I try to go to good and expensive artist to counteract this for awhile, but I expect that when I’m seventy and Yoshi is 66 we will both be looking a little rough. Fine. I’m 70. Hopefully I’ll have better things to worry about like pleasing my robot overlords or keeping my grandkids for taking some sort of nano technology drug trip.

So, why did we do it? My husband is starting to get a collection of nerd tattoo. I always say that self-identification is empowerment. He loves Nintendo, Megaman, and the Autobots. He still giggles like a school girl when he talks about them and shows them off in job interviews. Thank goodness he’s in the tech industry.

As for me? Some of the fondest memories from my childhood (and college, for that matter) involve the Super Mario World series. Yoshi’s Island is still my favorite game. Without over romanticizing the whole thing, I think that to me the dinosaur is an embodiment friendship and determination. Silly, I know, but that is why I got him jumping. Also, I thought his feet looked really cute.

Other than that? We both love 8-bit art and have adorned our home with pixelated sprites.

Our artist was wonderful. He said he had wanted to try this sort of thing before, so he really went the extra mile for us. He took extra care to line up all the pixels. It was a grueling process, especially mine. I guess that’s what I get for choosing something with twice the bits.

And no, I don’t main Yoshi in Smash Brothers. Here’s my back again:

Yoshi Tattoo


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