Spring is here. My Easter tulips have bloomed. I’d be more excited about all of this if my website was cooperating. I think I may have it straightened out by today or tomorrow. I would commit to having it fixed by tomorrow, but I am committing to writing a thousand word fiction post. It is my penance from the other day.

I have been slacking off in my blogging in general lately. Starting tomorrow I am going to get back to doing it first thing. I have lots of articles in the queue and am trying to write samples, but I need to focus on making this blog better. The fiction post I am conjuring for tomorrow may turn into a submission I would like to make in May. I am feeling a major sense of urgency about my personal writing because it is almost summertime. A lot of journals won’t be taking submissions then. I have to get a few rejection slips under my belt!

In other news, my cat has taken to carrying off the hair band I throw next to the bed at night. He’s been hiding them in his water bowl. It’s a little conspicuous, but I don’t have the heart to tell him.


2 responses to “Temperate

  1. That’s funny about your cat. Our dog likes to steal socks and store receipts from my purse (not the socks,) and hold them for “ransom”- a treat.

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