It really is horrible to have a lot of work to do and little motivation to do it. I am struggling to keep myself working because my deadlines all seem so far away. I really need to buck up and get some things accomplished. I tried to refocus myself this morning, but I found that is the last thing an Webophile can do on April fools day.

I’ve found myself listening to my favorite YouTube videos and researching obscure game and technology news. All fake, some hilarious. I have to say that by far, my favorite webcomics have done the most amusing pranks today. I’ll spare you all the context, but there was a much needed parody done on a comic I hate.

Anyway, today is one of the many reasons I love the creative community that is the Internet. Maybe I can get some work done tomorrow.

Oh yes, I’ve set up a poll about whether or not my husband should cut his hair. The question is really a choice of who he resembles now. The choices are Weird Al or Graham Nash. Guess which winner will garner a trip to the salon.


One response to “Idiosyncratic

  1. You know, Kasey, there are a few things I’ll never do.

    1. I’m never gonna give you up.
    2. I’m never gonna let you down.
    3. I’m never gonna run around and desert you.
    4. I’m never gonna make you cry.
    5. I’m never gonna say goodbye.
    6. I’m never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

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