I must say it certainly is a beautiful day to be sitting outside doing some work. The trees by my patio have filled out and they are lovely.

With all the stuff going on with the Olympics and elections and the time I spend on Internet forums, I have been trying to wrap my head round why people all hate each other so much. There are indefinitely people that I can’t stand, but when I really try to think about them and focus on that hatred it just sort of melts away. The idea of putting any effort into hurting someone seems so idiotic. I don’t think I could even do it.

It makes me think about the idealogical divide in this country and how people get so angry at one another. On the Internet, you run into a lot of evangelical Atheists that think the country has been ruined by Christian Conservatives. In my state, I run into a lot of Christian Conservatives that think Atheists are ruining the country. It occurs to me they are both being silly. Let’s say as an Atheist you ascribe to a philosophy of humanism to derive your moral judgment. (Note: This is an assumption on my part, but I don’t think it’s entirely unfair. I have gotten into some really scary eugenics and bioethics conversations, but for now, that is neither here nor there.) As a Christian, you wish to uphold the values of Christ. This is the real goal, after all of the born-again-iciousness of it.

So, we have what amounts to two people who are supposed to regard others above themselves. Interesting to see how all of this meshes with capitalism and a representative democracy. Oh, what do you know! It doesn’t.

I’m not even going to get started on China.


One response to “Jingoism

  1. I have a lot to say on this subject, but it usually just whittles down to me throwing my hands up in the air and wondering if there will ever be a world like the one I have created with my friends: one in which Christians don’t care if I don’t agree with them and vice versa. We’re all good people in the end, so what does it matter?

    Oh yeah. Seems that most people aren’t that good after all. Guess that’ll never work.

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