I’m working on some fiction right now. The process becomes instantly depressing when one thinks about how much has come before them. Is it even worth adding anything to the heap?

Fortunately, occasionally I see something new that really blows me away. I have always toyed around with the idea of creating a fictional blog for a character and telling their story on it. (I’ve been beaten to this.) I think there are so many ways the technologies I love can be used to contribute to my first love, storytelling.

Things like the digital fiction project going on at Penguin really make me excited about where a new generation of storytellers can take writing. I hope I can add something to it all one day. I hope that if not, they’ll still let me watch.

PS. “Hard Times” is one of the six stories featured in this project. It addresses some of the realities of the “digital age” or whatever you’d like to call it.


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