Sorry (to myself, I guess) about the abuse of this post, but I’m going to use it to send a trackback. I am playing around with it for a job and thought this would be the best place to test some things. Pay no mind.

Anyway, in other news, it’s a simply beautiful day. All things considered, I’m sort of mad at myself for doing so much complaining yesterday. I prattled on here, on paper, and to my husband. I think I’m finally starting to chill out. I know this is likely to change from day to day, but I’m feeling content with things.

I was thinking about a post I read at FWJ about reading everyday. I’ve been putting off reading during the day, because I’ve been going crazy over getting work done and finding work. I stare at my piles of unread books all day while I’m working. The least I could do is grab one during lunch instead of watching Arrested Development, I guess. Sometimes, though, I just don’t want to see anymore text in front of me from the hours of 8-4. I can usually pick something up and read a few pages before bed.

I think that the folks over at Daily Lit have solved my problem. I’ve signed up to receive an excerpt of War and Peace each day via email. At this pace, I will have it done in roughly two years. Think about it. Two years of scheduled work breaks with classic literature. Classy.

I have some things to finish, and then I’m going to try to hammer out the website some more. I’ve been neglecting it because I got frustrated with Internet Explorer. WHY DON’T YOU READ CSS TAGS LIKE FIREFOX? Sometimes, I hate Microsoft.


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