Two things:

1. I put off some work that is due this weekend and have fallen way behind. Yet, I still seem to be moving in slow motion.

2. Kim emailed me about whether I prefer R2D2 or C3P0. (The answer is R2D2.) While searching through some documents to find some research I have for an article, I found my poetry portfolio for a class from last year. It had this poem, which seems so appropriate I had to share.

Sorry about the mess

I believed you
ran my
perfect plastic replica
of Han Solo through
through honey
crystal sugar sprinkles
various barbeque
horseradish Worcestershire
and tartar sauces
you set him on
the crusted plate
on High Power
in all of its green
LCD glory
I watched all hope
fade for the rebel

Now back to work!


One response to “Melodramatic

  1. Perfectly appropriate.

    And perfectly answered. R2 is so clearly superior.

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