I’ve been quite remiss in my blogging duties lately, but I can explain! Friday was insane to say the least. I had a deadline the next day but we were going out of town, so I had to work for a solid ten hours that day. As for yesterday, I point the finger squarely at Mario Kart, as this person did. I also had an eye appointment, but it was mostly Mario Kart.

Anyway, I’ve switched into a somewhat different mode with my writing. I am still trying to build up my contacts in content for the time being, but I have started the ball rolling on some technical writing classes. It never hurts to diversify, and it involves a lot of stuff I’m already interested.

Speaking of stuff, do you every randomly recall things your elementary school teachers taught you? Just now, as I was typing stuff, I remembered that my 5th grade Language Arts teacher told me never to use stuff in my papers. “Stuff is what’s in a teddy bear,” she’d tell us. She was a great teacher. I never what to hand-write five pages on how to bake a cake ever again, but she certainly pounded grammar into my head.

So blog, I just want to say I’m sorry for skipping out on posts. However, this post has taught me that even things that suck at the time can make you better. Think of it that way. Also, here is an apology in the form of some cool stuff:

Public Animation
Time Traveling Robots (Also to blame for no post yesterday.)
Sweet Plates
Solar Powered Table
And the coup de grâce : Dancing Kittens


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