Oh dear! I didn’t write yesterday. I’ve been out of my normal rhythm lately and completely changing my strategy, so I’ve been spending a little time away from the computer. Now, we are going away for four days to the ‘rents house. My family is quite nerdy and has decided to see Indiana Jones together. We also have some other family stuff in the form of a graduation. So I won’t be around any wireless Internet in my parent’s lovely rural/suburban community until I run to my brother’s house to check my email. No posts till Tuesday.

I’ve been praying, thinking, and generally worrying about getting back into a full-time mode. I like my time freelancing and do think I could definitely take it somewhere great in another year of networking and writing, but I’m not sure that’s what I want right now. One of the reasons I started all of this is that I was so discouraged by the jobs that were available to me right out of college. I’ve had the ability to monitor things and develop myself for awhile now, and I feel that it may be best for my sanity to take the right on-site job that rolls around. In the mean time, I’m switching my freelancing focus, taking developmental classes, and still sniffing out freelance jobs. I will definitely keep working with some clients even if I go into a job. I know I will return to contracting in the future once I get some more solid stuff under my belt.

I am, as ever, thrilled with all of the experiences I’ve had in my life. I will be ready and willing to throw myself into the next adventure. I even got my permit yesterday. I’m quickly becoming a real girl.


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