I was watching something yesterday where a character remarked that their eye was twitching. Someone explained that the feeling was caused by stress. I was thinking about how that used to happen to me in awhile. Most people would be happy about that, but I kind of miss it. Not the twitching specifically, but being stressed. It’s my natural state.

In other news, my husband and I were yelling at each other in British accents in a poor attempt to imitate Gangster Number 1. Blatant C-word usage and stuff. He then told me in his accent that he was going to check our post holder—I assume he meant the mailbox.


One response to “Hassle

  1. I used to work for a chiropractor. When I’d have an eye twitch, he’d give me an adjustment and the twitch would go away. It was something like the 4th or 5th vertebrae. That part I liked. The part I didn’t like was trying to call in sick. He’d say, “Come on in and we’ll work on you.” Sheese. If he’d just given me personal days off every once in a while I wouldn’t have been faking it!

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