I am proud to say that I did follow my new schedule for the day. I got up when I was supposed to and dispersed of my tasks. I may have spent more time lollygagging than I should have on blogs and news, but I’m taking it down. I’m still going as always.

In other news, Barack Obama has clinched the democratic nomination. I’m extremely pleased to be able to cast my first vote for President in an election I believe will be thoroughly historical. Now that I have entered the workplace, I understand how blessed I am to live in a country where I have a voice. I may have thousands of reasons to be cynical. My country is experiencing a fuel price spike and we are unsure of how too transition to other energy sources. The dollar is losing value. People are losing homes. I’ve seen my peers go overseas to die. However, I am still optimistic. I believe in my generation ‘s and my resilience and determination.

I’m going to exercise my right to vote in November. Whatever happens, we got through the last eight years; we’ll make it again.


My friend Kim and I are looking to organize a Rock with Barack Ba-lock Party. We were thinking about preparing some “Drink the Obama Kool-aid” and providing voter registration forms. Let me know if you are interested or just have good theme snack ideas.


2 responses to “Sanguine

  1. BaRACK o’ Ribs?

  2. I LOVE it!!!!

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