When my dad first started taking steroids for his various health problems, he pulled me aside to explain the  side effects. At this point, he was recently separated from my mom. Life was anything but rosy, so I was used to him having mood swings and under eating. Like most things from this period in my life, I was not aware of how bad the situation actually was until I grew up. My dad did a good job of hiding his chemically-induced depression from me when I was visiting. He told me later that he would sit down to watch the evening news and bawl. He said that it seemed as though all the reports pointed to the end of the world, and humankind seemed anything but redeemable. He would curl into the fetal position and let the evening sitcoms run. Eventually, he would go to bed early.

I was thinking about this today while watching the news. I’m not on any medications, but sometimes its all a little overwhelming. For instance, I was watching Lou Dobbs today. Not something I do on a regular basis, believe me. I was looking to hear about old Hillary. Anyway, he was discussing the recent graduation rate report. Guess what? Only 70% of students in the US graduate! That’s not the best part. In Nevada it’s 45%. I’ve been upset about the state of public education for awhile, but this is just depressing.


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