So, I’ve failed in writing anything today because I am getting over a glut of work. How’s about some old poetry?

Here’s a throw-away I wrote as a letter to my husband. I didn’t even bother to punctuate it.

Long Distance Relationship

Dear mine: I ate
once today, slept three
times, visited my
favorite website (counting
the number of times I hit
F5) one hundred and three
times, second favorite: too
many times to count, I read
three poems, one was good,
I got fifty five pages
through a book I’ve read
before, there are eight
books on my shelf
I have yet to read,
I flipped my light switch
two and a half dozen times,
I visited my restroom
four times: once to shower,
once to grab the floss,
the other times are private
I didn’t count the breaths
or times my upper eyelashes
hit my lower ones, but at their
current averages, I would say
fourteen thousand four hundred
and three thousand five hundred
and fifty six, respectively

I know you like to know how my days go


2 responses to “Wistful

  1. interesting and amusing, yet romantic in a strange numeric way

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