I accidentally took a long nap yesterday afternoon. When I finally went back to bed around 1 am, I could only make myself get one more REM cycle in. So, I lied in bed for a few hours until my husband got up for work. I decided to take a house wife break today. I did the laundry, vacuumed, the usual fair. Forgetting all of my work duties and focusing on keeping up the house is certainly a change of pace.

Last summer I decided to take a break before getting a job. I had a very tough last semester of school. Lots of hours and lots of wedding left me exhausted. We were moving in August and decided I would just wait until we settled into the new place before I started working. So, this time last year I was nesting in my new home with my husband. Tucking away wedding presents, making his favorite meals, getting used to Austin, being all wifey. I know, too cute.

I’m pretty sure I spent most of last summer vacuuming. (We have two cats.) The truth is that I really don’t remember. I was discussing last summer with some friends and have decided it’s been stricken from my memory. I think there was some hauling laundry in the heat…and some trips to Ikea. I’m pretty sure that’s where we got all of this furniture.

So as pointless as all of this seems, it leads me to one conclusion: I need to do something memorable this summer. The problem is that I have no idea what’s memorable. Maybe I should go off to summer camp and solve the mystery of the masked lanyard thief. It would probably be better to spend the summer taking a road trip with my best friends during which I learn to love the woman I have become. Then again, I could spend the time doing papercraft of popular anime characters and start a how-to blog. Would any of those things really make an impression on me if I can’t remember my first few months of marriage?

Well, here’s to hot fun in the summertime.


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