I have trouble with exposition. Most people say you should avoid it all together. It can be useful to write it out even if most of it is cut out of the next few edits. Writing something like this:

They lived in a storage shed, but even she had to admit it was a nice one. Most of the vats of dressing and pallets of potatos were in a corner on the far side of the kitchen area. Everything else was in the walk-in. They had to share their bathroom with the employees, but it was outfitted with a tile shower.

can help me solidify details about the setting in my mind, but it isn’t very elegant prose. It’s a bunch of clunky descriptions. The question is…how does one do it well and do we really need any of this? The first part question is harder to answer than the latter. I contend that many short stories (and most novels) have no need for pages of incidental exposition.

It depends on the situation. This is why God created editing. I have a problem with relating these things sometimes. Man, it’s late. Sorry for the rambling.


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