Well, I have nothing in particular to blog about today. I’m trying to get some work done before heading to hang out with the inlaws all weekend. I will talk about something that is particularly upsetting to me at the moment.

The Daily Show is in reruns the week for the holiday. We are hanging out in the bedroom, where we only have basic cable. After furiously channel surfing, the best we could find is Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on Spike. Two things make me very sad about this.

• The series really went downhill. I was a big fan as a kid, but this is too much. This is only one of my handful of watchings of the new efforts, and I must say what strikes me is how incredibly unreal and digital everything looks. It might be the tiny TV we have in here, but its a fairly new LCD number. It shouldn’t look this bad.

• Hayden Christensen is a horrible, horrible actor. Seriously. Terrible.

Now I have to go bury my childhood again. Wall•E resurrected it briefly this weekend, but George Lucas has succeeded in thoroughly violating it once again. He wasn’t even trying this time!


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