If I wasn’t working right now, I might feel like doing a rant on politics. On secord thought… Since I’m so glad to get away from my mind numbing topics, I’ll say a few words.

It’s fun to talk about things I have no idea about. I suppose if constitutional lawyer or veteran military commander heard me blathering on and on about the things I complain about, they would laugh in disgust. There is no way I could understand these topics in the same way that people who delight thir lives to them do. (Something I’m glad about.) However, I am allowed to form opinions based on my knowledge on the subject.

As happy as I am to live in a country where I am permitted to share my ideas and hear the ideas of others, it’s incredibly frustrating when people don’t do their homework. Our politicians have trained us like Pavlov’s dogs. We hear a buzz word like “socialism” on one side and “Bush” on the other and start bristling at the neck and pulling at our collars. Politics has always been about passion, but when did it become so reactionary.

I see so many people arguing about things they don’t understand and absorbing whatever headline and blog post that floats into their transum. Don’t people research anymore. Don’t they read? Better yet, don’t they spend time in quiet thought finding out what they believe. I know they have good sense, because they argue things that are innacurate so well.

I have to stop rambling now and do some work.


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