I just want you to know I am a bad and horrible person. Two adjectives there, each more true than the last. I did not blog my vacation. Neither will I, since it has been 3 weeks since then.  I have a problem with the thing called “the follow-through”. It only seems to affect my hobbies, sadly enough. Off the top of my head, I count 8 games I need to finish, several css and html project sitting in various states of completion on my harddrive, and 2 books sit with dogears about half-way through on my bedside table. I’m a mess. I’ll have to blame this on being busy at work, because, well, I can.

Anyway, someone sent me an article today. I’d link, but I’m lazy. What it was is not important anyway. It was a poorly written rant on something. It gave me the impression that the writer was acting indignant and referring to feces a lot to get some laughs out of people. It jut came off as tiring and entirely too long for me. It did make me think about all of the great things people I used to follow on the Internet. Most of them are lost to obscurity and expired domain name registrations. Some of them write for Cracked. In the words of my parent’s highschool annual: What a long strange trip it’s been.

Other news:

My google reader is back! By back I mean my subscriptions are back! The last few times I logged in they were gone, and I got very sad about loosing the awesome niche video game and design blogs I’d found. Now I’m free to not log in for a few weeks and then mark them all as read. 1 thing though, it is sad to see no posts on something after 2 or so months. I’m starting to think that like stars, blogs are always dying and all we see is their old photographs. (Tongue firmly in cheek)

I’m starting on writing games again. I love to put off documentation at work, so I’ve assigned some for myself when I get home. I want work with the hubby on the programming when he’s on the other side of this catastrophe we call his post graduate work. Until then I am left thinking about art. I don’t know how to create the visuals. It’s a big and complicated job. On the story side, I have some ideas for a distopic and solitary action puzzle thing and a weird RPG dream-state thing.

Other writing is also being undertaken. I have been trying to finish a story for some time now so that I can edit it. I seem to want to remove myself from everything, but I think it makes things seem too generic. Anyway, I’ve succeeded in incorporating a creepy kid AND an emotionally dissonant young man. These things are just par for the course for me.

I’m trying to find a print of an Ellsworth Kelly’s Red Blue Green for my dining room. Seems like that wouldn’t be an impossible task, right? Well, it is.


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