I’ve decided to do one of my sparatic updates because I have hit a personal milestone and must share. As of around 9 am this morning, I am a licensed Texas driver. Those who know me personally know this is quite a big deal for me. I have had a fear of driving all of my life, and only got up the courage to get behind the wheel a few months ago. So, after lots of crying, practice, and an atrocious attempt to parallel park, I have obtained my license. Yeah!



Everyone is okay, but some of the won’t be able to go to their home for awhile. About half of the people I know still don’t have power.

Over here in Austin, we had a few showers and things are as boring with me as ever.


First of all, I realize that I dropped off the face of the earth for about a week. (Edit: Yikes! It’s been two weeks. Time is flying!) Believe me, this was not intentional.  I was busy and not in the mood to be handling a lot of what came my way.

I have to be honest. Right now most of my thoughts are with my family in the Houston area. (I can tell that a lot of them are concerned because we’ve gotten several phone calls, and my friends’ facebook statuses all have some mention of ole’ Ike.) They are all scattered that way. We should be getting some pretty strong wind all the way out here tomorrow, so I can only imagine what things will be like for them. Here’s hoping that the local media has just been on some kind of hype frenzy and everyone will be okay.

In other news, the husband and I decided to spend the day together tomorrow, but both of us have forgotten what one does with actual freetime. I think your supposed to have f-fun, is it? Not that the last few weekends away have not been fun; we just haven’t been home alone over the weekend in over a month. It’s probably been 2 or 3 since there was no work/home work/house work to finish as well. Of course, I’m sure we’ll find some way to ruin it.


Can you believe there is a mac app just for creating comics? (Well, to be fair, it’s free for 10.4, not 10.5. So we had to use our 1337 hax0r skills to get it on my lappy where we could use capture.) Neither did I.

Well, the husband and I decided to check it out. I present to you:


Star will destory you.

Star will destory you.


Some days are harder than others, and this is one of them. Nothing much to write, but if you’re reading this, I would appreciate you sending some prayers my way. I’m certainly reciprocating, whether it’s by name or not.

All the best,



Things have bee quiet about here, so the hubby and I have been chilling out (a little too much, perhaps) and watching some old TV shows and the like. May sound super lazy, but we are trying to enjoy spending our time together before he has to go back to school for the semester. I’ve been itching to do some personal writing during the day while things are so slow, but I haven’t had the heart to do anything. I think I might get the urge once he’s back to night classes, and I find myself with a surplus of alone time.

With everything we watch, I am more and more fixated on the questions of storytelling and character development. I find myself analyzing things as I tended to in college, trying to fix a formula for a good yarn in my head. I’ve said since I was a little girl that all I ever wanted to do with my writing is to get someone to experience emotion. It doesn’t matter what it is. I see a story as the ultimate way to reach out and touch another human being. Unfortuately, I have find myself pretty competant at strining pretty words together, but I rarely have the gut to inject the amount of conflict that a good story needs. I’m an amicable person at heart, and I never really want to set bad things (fictional or not) into motion.

I tend to keep things very minimalistic and focus on very small things that rack my main characters with guilt, sadness, and other similar emotions. This is probably because I have always been very sensitive emotionally. My husband once remarked that the entire climax of one of my stories could be a facial expression or comment that sent the character into a downward spiral. He advised me, rightly, that not everyone gets that sort of thing.

In the end, I see my tendency to focus on the undertones of human interaction as a limiting factor to my writing. To me, it is almost a manifestation of a lack of imagination. I mean really, don’t all of the great writers play fast and loose with reality from time to time?

Therefore, I’ve taken to spending some time studying the most over-the-top and colorful stuff I can get my hands on. No, it’s not mythology. Although, my friends know that I have an almost unhealthy love of Greek myth. No, all of the comic book movies coming out the summer have piqued my interest in classic superhero stories. Wikipedia and various fan sites dot my browser history, and I have even more respect for the writers than I did as an adolescent with a passing interest in the X-Men and Batman. These people have kept characters, relationships, and (most importantly) rivalries interesting for over 40 and 50 years. They certainly know a thing or two about taking some chances in a story line.

So, where better to learn about imagination than among caped crusaders?


So the husband’s step mother bought us two of these. Needless to say, we’ve been having lots of duels and cat hunts.

Sorry still nothing much to write about.