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Yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven’t blogged in awhile. I know. It isn’t busy-ness (See what I did there?) per se, just a lot of sticky personal stuff. I’ll say, all in all, 2008 has been a difficult year for me. Anyone who has been reading has probably figured that out already. I’m not, however, going to dwell on all that. I’m doing my best to kick things back into shape.

I will say that 2009 is looking fantastic. Not one, but two of my siblings are looking to tie the knot. I’m very happy for all of the people involved. I’m going to have some awesome people added to my family in the next year. Lucky me, indeed.

In less spectacular (but way more nerdy) positive news, I’ve been geeking out about some of the movies/tv I’m looking forward to next year. I got one piece of bad news and two pieces of nerdgasm-inducing amazing news today.

***WARNING***Really nerdy gushing ensues:

First the bad: One of the movies on my fall must-watch list was moved into next year. The Road is the adaption of the fantastic Cormac McCarthy novel starring Viggo Mortensen, and though I would have liked to see it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

Now the good: I’ve put my foot in my mouth many times before, but I think I’d never stuffed it in there farther than when I dismissed The Watchmen out of hand as another cult graphic novel not deserving of its near universal acclaim. I finally came to my senses recently and decided to give it a read. Though it may not be among my favorite novels of all time, it is certainly a masterpiece. All of the now-clichĂ©d descriptions are correct: it is the ultimate deconstruction of the superhero; it is a criticism of “power politics”. It’s great. So, of course, despite troubling rumors about the script, I am excited about the film. You can imagine how pleased I was to find today that new footage had been released in a recut trailer.

Secondly, my LOST fandom has reached feverish heights since I decided to give it a second chance this spring after abandoning it after watching some of season 2 when it aired in 2005. I’m certainly not the biggest sci-fi fan in the world, but I always have time for clever, well-written, and subtle stuff. The series is just that, in my humble opinion. Its gigantic fan base and popularity on a major network despite being incredibly nerdy and complex attest to that. Of course, there have been missteps. I can hear my husband shouting, (Highlight to read spoiler) “Mr.Eko’s death was mishandled!” now, but it has well-fleshed out characters and great pacing which is a lot to say about a television show or science fiction. Unfortunately, it won’t be back on air until 2009, so I’ve been following the hiatus spoilers and message boards closely. You can imagine how thrilled I was to find the first Season 5 promo was posted today.

So there it is. I’m done geeking out…maybe. For now, I’ll be sitting on the second floor of the Round Rock Higher Education Center listening to Norwegian Wood and people-watching.



Well, I almost completely neglected the old blog today. I’ve been busy trying to recover from a full Father’s Day weekend.

I want to go to bed, so I’ll only say this. If you’re looking to find some prespective on things, try watching 30 Days. I love that show. I wish the outsourcing one was online, but I shouldn’t look the gift horse of the Internet in the mouth.