And I’m back.

100 posts!

October, eh? What’s new since October…I guess just about everything. I’ve gotten a new job; I like it. I’ve put the brakes on the web writing; I probably do more personal writing and reading now. There’s something about having a 9 to 5 (so to speak) that nicely delineates your time so that you feel ever so much better about goofing off and relaxing. I do not miss feeling like I had to write articles when I couldn’t sleep.

However, in some sort of extreme reaction to my overexposure to the Internet while I was working from home, I closed myself off for a few months. Not socially, really, just in my free time I was light on the social networking and blogospheriness. I’m back on the horse now. I recently signed into Twitter after a 10 month hiatus and found that when I’m engrossed in work all day there is nothing of real interest to tweet.

One of my real joys lately has been in the new house. We moved in mid-February, and I have really made myself at home in the new place. Springtime is truly amazing in Austin.  (The inside joke there is soooo intended.) We’ve made use of the grill my parents gave me for my birthday at least a dozen times. I was sick t’other day and spent my day curled up in our patio set reading and working. Our windows are almost always these days. I love the air flow in the bedroom at night. We have the most lovely evenings. Others may bemoan the heat of a Texas summer, but to me there is nothing more satisfying than a walk around midnight in mid-July. It’s warm and breezy all at the same time, and cooling concrete feels so great on bare feet. I digress (as if this post has an aim)–our bedroom is on the second floor, so there is the constant sound of wind in the trees. Very relaxing. My favorite place to hang out, though, has to be the spare bedroom. We’ve dubbed it the lounge (the study lounge around mid-terms and finals) It’s in the back corner of the condo on the upper floor and when our sitting all you can see out the window is the leaves of our oak tree. It’s like our tree house.

Though the changes happened so gradually that I didn’t notice, now that I think about it, a lot has happened in the last few months. We shaved Arlo and have successfully gotten our obese cats on a diet. I’ve purchased not one, but two smart Fortwo coups. Once was totaled and until I faxed my power of attorney to the insurance company a few weeks ago I owned the completely paid-for, undrivable car. There’s been Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’, my birthday, the Czexican, and Easter. All involved just the right amount of family, too much food, and a fair amount of alcohol.  I’ve cut and grown out and changed the color of my hair at least twice. Blake is even just a precious few months from finishing up the classwork on his masters.  I think the biggest change is probably my mindset about life in general. I find myself with less time to wax philosophical (which means less blogging rimshot), but this has been mostly positive. I get too navel-gazery easily. People are often all-too-happy to point this out to me sometimes.

That’s a brief overview of the last few months. I’m going to skip the promise that I’ll blog more often now; I don’t like to set myself up for failure. I’ll try to try to make the time to remember to try.


Super quick verdicts on things I was excited about when I last posted:

The Road |  Still postponed. No trailer.

Watchmen |  C  Tedious, but entertaining. Graphic in all the wrong ways. Very faithful visually, so it put a smile on my face.

Lost: Season 5 |  A  Really, as an unabashed fangirl of this series no one can take me seriously I’m sure. I likes me some time travel, the 70s, and character episodes.  Really liking what I’m hearing about the end of the season.

Battlestar Galatica |  B  The time between my posts is so long I can digest entire series. This one was enjoyable in the beginning got downright satisfying somewhere in the middle and really disappointed me near the end. The finale was sufficiently dark to be true to the show and satisfy me.

Freaks and Geeks |  A  I thoroughly enjoy about .5 Apatow movies, and this is great. It floods my little heart with nostalgia and I wasn’t even born until seven years after it is set.

Beat Literature |  Still making my way through the classics. Probably prefer David Cross as Allen Ginsberg to the actual Allen Ginsberg.


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